QSSA aims to provide technical training in both surveying and spatial practices that weren’t done in formal training so as to better promote your skills to your employer and clients. QSSA is committed to raising your confidence in understanding the finer details of the profession and give you a competitive advantage.

Upcoming Events

QSSA are proposing the following upcoming events. Please register your interest if you would like to attend. More information will be posted as it becomes available.


31 August: Make the best use of drones for surveying and spatial science projects

QSSA in conjunction with Ace Aviation are hosting a webinar ‘Make the best use of drones for surveying and spatial science projects.’ Ace Aviation are CASA approved trainers and are a strategic RTP partner with the third largest RTO in Australia and are also award winners for compliance.

The webinar will be conducted by Gab Olivares from Ace Aviation. Gab is a Senior Trainer and Survey Engineer with experience in road works, open pit mining, and engineering surveys.

The use of drones is becoming more prevalent in the construction, spatial science and surveying industries. However, how many of us don’t really know their full capability and how you can get the most out of this technology.

The team at Ace Aviation will be presenting details on:

• RPA Technology advantages.

• RPA Technology in the surveying workflow.

• RPA Platforms and sensors available for commercial and industrial use.

• RTK vs GCP vs PPK.

• Post Processing Software and Deliverables Options.

•RePL licencing and training Corporate/Institutional Case Studies

• Q&A

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11 September: Calculation PU for Terrestrial Observations
21 September: Book keeping – Liability or Asset?


5 October: Data Management for Machine Control

24 October: Meet the Surveyors Board of Queensland