Single Frequency RTK Mapping – How does it work, and what can I expect?

In conjunction with Mangoesmapping, the Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association present the Single Frequency RTK Mapping – how does it work, and What Can I Expect workshop with guest speaker, Igor Vereninov, CEO of Emlid.

The Emlid ReachRS is not your ordinary RTK GNSS receiver. With a disruptively lower price, many potential users see it as ‘just too cheap,’ yet it is receiving favourable technical reviews the world over. After testing against leading brand dual-frequency RTK products, Emlid has recently been selected by a multi-national mining company for use at its 25+ South-East Asian mine-sites.

This training session with one of the company founders, Igor Vereninov provides local access to the best product knowledge there is, and the opportunity for hands on testing of the ReachRS.

The formal presentation will run for around 20-30 minutes.

Training will focus on:

  • RTK GNSS survey principles
  • Recent surveyor experiences with Emlid’s ReachRS
  • Novel uses for RTK technology
  • The practical differences between single and multi-frequency RTK GNSS receivers
  • An indication of what is in the product development pipeline from Emlid.

The presentation will be followed followed by a Q&A session with Emlid CEO Igor Vereninov.

Event Details:

When – Wednesday 4 April 2018, 4 – 6pm

Where – University of Southern Queensland, Springfield Campus. 37 Sinnathamby Boulevard. Springfield Central, QLD 4300

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