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Single Frequency RTK Mapping – How does it work, and what can I expect?

In conjunction with Mangoesmapping, the Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association present the Single Frequency RTK Mapping – how does it work, and What Can I Expect workshop with guest speaker, Igor Vereninov, CEO of Emlid. The Emlid ReachRS is not your ordinary RTK GNSS receiver. With a disruptively lower price, many potential users see it as ‘just too […]

QSSA provides more value to members and the wider community

QSSA is further enhancing its value to members with training sessions under QSSA Tech Division, that will provide members and interested parties with a professional advantage and confidence in understanding the finer details of the profession. The Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association (QSSA) is the peak body for spatial and surveying professionals in Queensland. The […]

Surveying – When Google Maps isn’t always the answer

Surveying is an exact art form that involves the examination and recording of an area and features of a piece of land, including the three-dimensional positions of point, and the distances and angles between them. The age-old profession establishes the maps and boundaries for ownership and locations, the cadastre is a precise record of property […]

Surveying nerds, it’s your time

2018 is going to be a great year for Spatial Scientists and Surveyors. While some seem to think the economy is struggling, there are some big infrastructure projects already underway, and more about to start. Some of the highlights include: The much-anticipated Toowoomba Second Range Crossing which is well underway and has provided licensed surveyors […]