Surveying nerds, it’s your time

2018 is going to be a great year for Spatial Scientists and Surveyors. While some seem to think the economy is struggling, there are some big infrastructure projects already underway, and more about to start.

Some of the highlights include:

  • The much-anticipated Toowoomba Second Range Crossing which is well underway and has provided licensed surveyors (and drones) with work for several years.
  • The Gateway Upgrade North is progressing at a solid pace through Brisbane’s North-Eastern area.
  • Bruce Highway upgrades.
  • Roadworks in Cairns (Smithfield bypass).
  • The Cross-River Rail project which has begun preliminary works near the home of mapping and surveying, near the Woolloongabba Land Centre.
  • Brisbane Queens Wharf Project.
  • Ongoing works at Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Airports
  • Increase use of drones at construction sites, quarries and landfills

Furthermore, there are many land development, small local government and utility infrastructure projects that are either planned or well underway. A real surprise lately has been the return of the mining sector, which has allowed the critical task of mine surveying and GIS mapping to re-start at several exploration sites, as well as operating mines

In looking at the $5 billion Cross River Rail project, spatial scientist and surveyors will be needed within the following areas:

  • Cadastral surveying at every new station,
  • Utility connections,
  • Volumetric surveying in actual tunnel works,
  • Actual construction works and,
  • Many more critical roles including the plethora of maps and GIS related material that will be created.

It is also of note that the procurement model chosen by the Labor Government is a Public Private Partnership (PPP), which means technicians and professionals will be need both client side and consortium side.

The Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association (QSSA) is taking the lead in assisting such practitioners in the development of their career and provides updates on several of the aforementioned projects.

Of particular highlight for the QSSA, was the recently well attended Global Navigation Satellite System course held at USQ Springfield. Our presenters from USQ and the Queensland Government detailed a thorough guide to Global Navigation Satellite System on how it works and where it can be used effectively. We are looking at running another weekend course in mid-2018. Further, we are running technical training sessions in Toowoomba, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast which will provide our members valuable technical training to benefit their career.

Keiran Travers is the Managing Director of Harbak and the CEO of the Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association. QSSA provides its members with an opportunity to network face-to-face and online, as well as quality targeted education opportunities. For more information or to become a member, visit the QSSA website  or email [email protected].