Introducing the Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association.

A space and place for Spatial and Surveying professionals in Queensland. Queensland has been a national leader in furthering the spatial and surveying industry for the best part of a decade, and is fast becoming recognised as a center of excellence for innovation and development.

This has been largely due to the passion and enthusiasm of a large network of spatial professionals and surveyors across the great state of Queensland who share a colligate spirit – a common purpose and a common goal – the advancement of the spatial and surveying industry in Queensland.

QSSA is founded on the 3 principals of commitment, communication and collaboration.


Our priority is you. So at QSSA we’re about ensuring that members want to belong, and see benefit in belonging – we’re entirely committed to providing the highest level of member services and support possible. We aim to ensure that all members have a place, and enabling benefits and links to everyone, regardless of position, company, location or experience.

Our governance structure recognises that members are first and foremost in the organisation’s mind. We’re about providing tangible member benefits for everyone, and we’re not driven by making profits.

QSSA offers 4 types of membership:

  • Member – you’re a spatial and surveying and spatial professional, and you want to get the most out of your industry. We understand that you are committed to your industry – it’s your lifeblood.
  • Student – whether you’re part time or full time, school, TAFE or Uni, a student membership of QSSA will help you get started in your career
  • Connexion – everyone is touched by spatial and surveying in some way and being a QSSA friend is a great way to keep in touch with what’s going on in industry.
  • Life – we recognise that amazing people dedicate a lot of time and effort to making our industry great, and we recognise them through life membership.

We believe each member is an ambassador, and QSSA is designed to support you!


Queensland has one of the most diverse spatial and surveying networks in the world, and it’s because we love to talk!

QSSA understands that business is done through connections, and it’s our job to help you make valuable connections that will help you further your career.

Through a variety of mediums, including social media, a quarterly magazine, online forums, mentoring, technical resources and professional development events, we’ll help you communicate with your peers.

At QSSA, we recognise that students are our future, so we’ll be putting our full support behind Destination Spatial and similar education and career marketing programs to ensure there’s a skilled workforce for Queensland into the future. We’re also aiming to offer a broad range of prizes and scholarships to a variety of educational institutes across the whole state.


The spatial and surveying industry is a diverse place. There’s virtually no individual or business that isn’t touched by the work we do, and we should be shouting that from the rooftops! QSSA is seeking to create a new environment where we can all see a positive future for our industry, where professionals can collaborate for our advancement.

QSSA is a Queensland based organisation, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t work together with our fellow organisations in other states and territories or overseas.

We see the benefit of operating as part of a bigger picture, providing linkages into other states and territories, to continue the colligate spirit, while allowing QSSA to represent Queenslanders unashamedly.

QSSA is committed to providing high level advocacy for Queenslanders, by Queensland industry leaders. As has been demonstrated by our industry leaders time and time again, great advocacy leads to representation, and progression of the industry as a whole.

QSSA will have a committee drawn from all walks of life, to be truly representative of all members in Queensland. It will operate under a sound governance model, to ensure that all members are equally represented, and that returns will be reinvested in Queensland rather than quietly resting in some war chest!

Without forgetting the past, but looking to the future, we believe, that as has previously been demonstrated, a Queensland, member focused organisation can be the only way to drive our industry forward, and we can only do this with the support of your membership.

QSSA is about providing a renewed spirit for Queenslanders. To do this, we ask for your professional and financial support by agreeing to be a part of QSSA. Please join us at